July 1st, 2002

Ing. Julio Israel Morales Caballero
PHC de México, S de R.L. de C.V.
Cadereyta No. 13 - A
Col. H. Condesa
06170 México, D.F.

Dear Julio:

I would like to tell you about the trial results of the mycorrhizae in our plantations.

When I started working in this company four years ago, I had in mind to mycorrhizae our plantantions due to the fact that it could be a competitive advantage. It would distinguish our company from our competitors in the market.

Nevertheless, I requested material three years ago so as to mycorrhizae a U.S. company. My employees tried to use the product worthlessly. Unfortunately, we aborted.

Anyway, Last year we start working again in this area because of the importance of the mycorrhizae and microorganism in the actual agriculture. Lots of companies have visited us but we decided to make field trials with PHC Mexico due to its path, reputation, and your presence in this company.

We've exchanged information with you since January 2002, and then you came over in order to give a technical presentation so as to plan an integrated pest management. We made some trials with Endo Rhiza Mini Plug, Hortic Plus and Root Deep. I also sent one of my employees to the Workshop and finally, we applied the method for evaluating the mycorrhizae in our plantations. Nothing happened for months.

After to much work, we've got an essay that shows step by step the greenhouse program. It has application methods, sort of product and levels of irrigation. Now, we have a 100% rate of mycorrhyzation in our plants and they look like your advertising and brochures. We proved the benefits in plants with mycorrhizae against control.

It's quite obvious that I'm not going to reveal the methodology that is part of our process. Nevertheless, I want to tell you that from now and on we will be your client because of this successful incident.

Furthermore, the next step will be to verify the results of mycorrhizae on field. If it works, we will keep producing qualified material, sane and homogeneous, protected against soil diseases. I believe the major effect of using mycorrhizae is the protection against soil diseases.

We will be continuing inform you about the results of our plants. I will send you pictures in a little while, only if you can keep this information as confidential.

Big Hugs


Cuautémoc Navarro
Micropropagación e Invernadero

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